Yokohama/Tire Rack/ Windy City BMW Challenge

Yokohama/Tire Rack/ Windy City BMW Challenge

Jun 4, 2018

We just completed our 26th Challenge event with Yokohama and Tire Rack.  What a wonderful weekend!  Played all day on Saturday with a Yokohama Shoot Out event to end the driving portion of the day.  THEN the “Road Kill Grille” dinner which is just wonderful.  Lots of friendship and prizes.  Sunday was the competition with the perfect weather, amount of people and time frame.  Competition was great and times were close!  On the road home by 3:00.

Next year the event will be on June 1 and June 2.  Block that weekend out for the Challenge.  Thanks Tire Rack and Yokohama!

Results are posted

Photos by Larry Schettel

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