2019 Iron Gate 5 O’Clock Tower Meeting

Aug 11, 2019

Iron Gate Condos was the location and there was a Chrome and Coffee to start the day.  At 12:00 Iron Gate Condos treated us to hamburgers, hot dogs, beer and snacks.  After our lunch, Tom Burgess (creator and dreamer of Iron Gate) did a personal tour through the 5 O’clock Tower.  The basement floor has important people and companies in the auto history painted by the walls. Very very nice.  It is not quite done but getting close.  The artwork is terrific.  The floors are spotless and beautiful.  Then up to the top of the tower and  it is the entertainment area and  unbelievable.  Tom did a very nice job with this dream of Iron Gate Condos.  The last three buildings will be done by next year.

View the fun day through Larry Schettel’s pictures.

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