2021 Kids Karting

Nov 10, 2021

Our First Annual Kids Karting event has been marked down and is in the books. I would say it was a success due to all the smiling children’s faces when it was complete. After a bit of a hectic start to the day, which is par for the course for anyone who has children, we were able to settle in and gain control of all 18 kids who showed up.

Our groups consisted of 5 – eight year olds, 9- ten, eleven and twelve year olds and 4- thirteen and fourteen year olds. We started out the day by getting everyone checked in with a goodie bag from the club. We then headed into Accelerate Indoor Speedway where we had everyone check in and meet their instructors. Ben von Fischer took our group #1 consisting of 5 Junior Karters . Norah Guequierre and Graig Neville took our next group #2 consisting of 9 Junior Karters. Finally, Ryan Yaggie took our group #3, consisting of 4 Pro Karters. Each group had 3 races. As the day progressed their times got better and better. A true sign of good instructing. By the last race, the Accelerate staff was confident enough in their abilities and they turned up the speed dial. I saw a few faces after the third race that had the look of a child on their first roller coaster, frazzled but begging for more!

Medals went out to the top racers in each group.
Group #1 Junior Karts: 3rd place was Ansel with a time of 31.617 seconds. 2nd place was Eliana with a time of 28.571 seconds. 1st place was Enzo with a time of 27.582 seconds.
Group #2 Junior Karts: 3rd place was Lital with a time of 27.272 seconds. 2nd place was Ari with a time of 25.793 seconds. 1st place was Luca with a time of 23.981 seconds.
Group #3 Pro Karts: 3rd place was Henry with a time of 24.099 seconds. 2nd place was Luke with a time of 23.952 seconds. 1st place was Nyah with a time of 23.390 seconds.  Congratulations to all of our podium finishers! Everyone did a great job learning the track and improving their times. I hope to make this the first of many Kids Karting events for Windy City BMW.

One of the best ways to continue growing our club is to get the younger generation involved with what, we as club members, love to do. Let’s keep the passion alive and pass it on to our children and grandchildren. It is also a good way to prepare them with some driving skills for their future. Thank you to all who came out and everyone who assisted in the event. Special thanks to Tom & Pam Imholz and Cristina DelBoccio for gathering the kids, taking pictures and getting “hangry” children some food!
Nick DelBoccio

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