2021 Ofest Forever

Nov 9, 2021

The First Annual Ofest Forever was held in Hilton Head Island on November 3-6.  The hotel, Sonesta, was beautiful and the food was very good.  This is the first event put on by National without the help of a local chapter.  There were issues but it was still lots of fun to see your old friends and make new ones.  The format was different as this is Ofest Forever not Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest ended at 50 events.  Felt sorry for a person who had never been to a past event as the  directions to events were not very good.  Hopefully the new people will give the event another try.

The rain moved the Legends of the Autobahn East from Saturday to Sunday.  Boy did it rain and rain.  It moved from the fairway to a parking lot which was a very good call.  The attendance was down a bit as some people had to head home on Sunday but there were still lots of cars.

Enjoy the event through the pictures.

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