2022 Chicago Auto Show

Mar 4, 2022

This year BMW NA gave Windy City BMW a limited number of free tickets for our members to attend the 2022 Chicago Auto Show. In almost a blink-of-an-eye after the iContact email went out, they were all spoken for. Since we got them the week of the show, we did not have enough time to organize a group event, but members who got tickets were able to attend whenever they chose.

This year the cars that BMW brought to display were the X3, X5, M3 Competition, M5 CS, i4 and the new iX.
BMW also had a test track where showgoers were given a ride in either an electric i4 or iX. Upon strapping myself into the i4 for the ride, I was thrown back into my seat as the driver proceeded to gun it and fly down the straight to demonstrate the instant torque and acceleration of the electric i4. Even on slick concrete the i4 had no issue doing so. Continuing at a slower pace around the rest of the track he also explained how to drive the car using only one pedal (regenerative braking recharges the battery and slows the car whenever off-throttle) and demonstrated the i4’s camera system on the dash screen. BMWs sure have become cutting edge in terms of technology. What a difference between it and my 30-year-old E36!

Thank you to Nick and Barbara for fairly distributing the tickets and sacrificing their email inboxes for us all! I also want to give a huge thank you to Gina Maloto and Max Dease (event marketing for BMW Central Region) and Broderick McKinney (BMW Central Region VP) for giving us this opportunity this year. We look forward to the 2023 Chicago Auto Show and would love to come back again next year if you’ll have us!
Kyle Ashpole

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