2022 Detail City Membership Meeting

Nov 20, 2022

We had our first membership meeting at Detail City in Downers Grove and it was a tremendous turn out! First thank you to everyone that made this event such a success!
Ahmed and AJ from Detail City invited us to come by and see their shop and learn more about ceramic coatings, which products are the real deal and which fade away quickly and not worth the time and money.

During the presentation Ahmed went into great detail on the differences between the two main ceramic coating formulas – Silicone Dioxide, and Titanium Dioxide.

As a reference from our visit, silicone formula is the one you can get easily at the store or online from the many various detail shops and companies providing spray on coatings and waxes. Titanium, you will need to be an authorized dealer to apply the product and have training to do so (so something not easy to purchase and do over the weekend on your own).

The other more technical aspect of his presentation was the great explanation of the droplet size from each product and how they fill in the natural pits on your paint to create the proper barrier that can (if done correctly and with the right Titanium application) last a lifetime. At Detail City, they even have a guarantee if applied correctly by them, and with yearly touch-ups, you will get a lifetime warranty with the product.

I could go on even more on the application process and time it take to do this, but I think it will be best that Ahmed tells you more as him and AJ have worked hard to make sure that they deliver the best results and keeping you informed throughout the whole process (also they do simple detailing too, if you do not want to spring for the full ceramic coatings).

The last piece I will have to talk about was the eye candy… as we mentioned in the flyer and the pictures you will see about the event, it did not disappoint, the taste of Italy was the Lamborghini Huracan Performante (the 1000hp version) and the Ferrari 455, a UK favorite Aston Martin DB, Americas Offering of the C7, Japaneese Godzilla itself the GTR and of course our BMWs the Z8 and Rolls Royce Ghost (oh yes and an amazing 911 turbo and SL was there to round it all out). Enjoy the pictures, and we hope to be there again in the future.

Thank you to Ahmed and AJ for hosting the event, and their clients allowing us to see some amazing cars and take pictures. As always, if you need a wash/detail/paint correction or a full fledge ceramic coating, they are located here in DG (right across from Alter Brewing):
2300 Wisconsin Ave UNIT 307, Downers Grove, IL 60515 – (630) 999-9610

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