2022 Northstar Motorsports Open House

Mar 20, 2022

 We were invited back to our yearly pre-race season time and this year was a real helmet year at Northstar – John and Jeannie were ready for it, with stacks of helmets ready for the picking.

As usual, their hospitality was on full display for us this year, offering us 10% off everything in the store (and that included helmets!) along with a very nice selection of drinks for us to sip on as we gather again in the start of spring, aka race prep season.

John gave us some new details this year on not just the helmets, but also other new changes this year when it came to equipment:
**For the first time, the FIA has added expiration dates to suits, shoes and gloves so racers are more aware of the longevity of materials they have in the gear they use
**Belts, belts and more belts – remember to check your belts and if they are showing signs of wearing, the latest tech in materials and construction will keep you safe for years to come. John will also give you a guide (as he did for us) and let you know that it does not have to be the German’s to give you the latest tech and quality, at a great price.. (hint: the Italian’s have come strong to give us just as good of an option without the crazy price hike).
**Helmet work – last year due to COVID and manufacturing challenges, the helmets were extended one more year before being officially retired this year. Northstar has amassed a healthy supply, and a very easy to try them on to make sure they fit well.

Thank you again Northstar for hosting us, see you all next year, and we hope that you enjoyed the time out Saturday. And, if you did not have a chance to join us, we encourage you to stop in at the Barrington location and grab the gear you need without any worry of quality or delivery issues!

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