2022 Ofest Forever Palm Springs, CA

Oct 8, 2022

So Palm Springs at the end of September – HOT HOT HOT!  We arrived a couple of days early and the temperature was 113 and it was not a dry heat.  The last day was only 99.  The event was in the La Quinta area near Palm Springs.  It is beautiful in a very different way than here.  There are LOTS of golf courses that are being watered all the time so very green.  But rock, dessert plants, sand and sunshine rule there.  The La Quinta Resort is a very beautiful and busy place.  Very spread out so not really a good place to meet up with friends.  Only one competitive event which was the rallye.  Tours, talks and some other activities were planned.  The three evening meals were all outside.  Did I mention it was hot out there.  The golf course setting for the Car Show was very pretty and they lit the mountain which made for a beautiful back drop.  There were many thing to see  and do out there outside of Ofest.  There was a lot of down time – but there were many places to go, Joshua Tree, Salton Sea, tour the wind mills.  This event would have been more user friendly if it had happened in November.

The Vendor room was very large and nicely air conditioned.  But there weren’t many vendors considering that we were in California.  The vendor who were there support the club and we are thankful for that.

The Performance Center in Thermal did half day driving events.  People had fun.  That facility is very nice, but Thermal does really live up to its name.

It was a very small gathering this year.  Hopefully next year will be bigger and better.

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