2023 Autobahn Car Show

May 24, 2023

   Rain and Autobahn. Autobahn and rain. Two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly. Not this year. FINALLY!!! It seems like every year it rains on our Autobahn Car Show, but this year it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was bright and sunny, temperature around 70 degrees. We had about 25 cars show up to talk, eat, and watch the cars go by on Autobahn’s south track. A large showing of MINIs arrived, led by Steve Rosenblum of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

   This year I took a bit of a different approach to the Autobahn Car Show. Usually, we have a few door prizes and raffles, and last year we had peoples’ choice voting. But since the main objective is to draw out members to the track and subliminally hypnotize them into joining the next HPDE, I decided to simplify and make this an easy Bimmers & Burgers event on location. If watching track cars go by wasn’t enough to convince them, showgoers were allowed to have some lunch time track touring, led by Mr. Autocross himself, John Schwarz, at a pace of 50mph. That doesn’t sound too fast, but 50 mph through some of those corners is an absolute blast!
Lastly, if you noticed I disappeared for a bit during the car show, that’s because I was roaming the paddock begging for rides at full speed! Thanks Jim Michener and Ryan Yaggie for giving me a ride in your MINI JCW Coupe, and E46 M3, respectively. Now, off to buy new undies.      KYLE ASHPOLE

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