2023 Badger E30 Picnic

May 14, 2023

Badger Bimmer’s Spring/E30 picnic this year happened to be on the same day as our Spring One-Tank Tour from Batavia to Gus’s Drive-In in East Troy, WI. A Spring Tank Tour photos are available at Click here.

After the activities ended at Gus’s, a few Windy City BMW members decided to crash the Badger’s picnic! It was only a short, 30-minute drive east of East Troy to Eagle Lake Park in Eagle Lake. Those who weren’t full of food from Gus’s Drive-In were welcome to help themselves to hot dogs and more, provided by our friends up north in the land of cheese and beer. We had gotten there towards the end of the event, so there weren’t nearly as many cars left (there were still a lot though), but it was still fun to catch up with fellow BMW CCA members. Can you believe I had to drive up to Wisconsin to talk to Jim? Usually, he just magically appears in a parking lot in Schaumburg!

Thanks to the Badgers for throwing a fun event. It was too good to deny a drive over considering how close we already were!

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