2023 Frank Lloyd Wright Tour

Oct 14, 2023

Frank Lloyd Wright Tour
On a rainy Saturday morning, 19 Windy City BMW folks got to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio. That is one beautiful home/studio. We were broken up into two groups to tour and the tour was about 1 hour.

Frank started small on the house but this family grew which means his home had to grow too. Beauty and vision were tops on Frank’s list. Sometimes not that functional but beautiful.

Frank wanted some very expensive things but couldn’t afford them so used substitute materials and they looked very rich and wonderful. If you ever get a chance to tour the home/studio take it.

We had our own Beverly Weable as one of the guides. She has been doing tours for 16 years. She gave us the contact information to set up this event. Thank you Bev.

After the tour, nine of us went to Mickey’s Gyros & Ribs for lunch and fellowship.


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