2023 Movie – The Italian Job

Nov 25, 2023

 It was a month before Christmas, and all through the state, not a Bimmer was stirring, not even an M8. The summers were hung on the tire rack with care, in hopes that an autocross would soon be there. But until then, a movie event will have to do! Around the time our Chicago winter began (ugh), we once again rented out a theater at Star Cinema Grill in South Barrington to have another movie night. 

This time, club members were treated to 2 classic car films!
We began the event by showing the famous 1976 short film by Claude Lelouch, C’etait Un Rendezvous. C’etait Un Rendezvous is a completely dialogue-free film shot entirely from the front bumper of a car. The plot is very easy to figure out despite this. The film is about a nameless man who is on the way to meet a woman for a date. He is presumably late, given he is flying through the streets of Paris at high speeds in his Ferrari 275GTB. Along the way, he runs stoplights, almost kills some pigeons, and avoids a maze of pedestrians and garbage trucks. He eventually makes his destination, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The film is an 8-minute ode to the Ferrari V12. There is no soundtrack, only the screaming of tires and revving of the V12 engine. Thanks to Phil for providing the DVD. It’s also on YouTube if you would like to see it again.

Our feature presentation was a classic film from 1969 you might have heard of, starring the actor formerly-known-as Maurice Micklewhite, The Italian Job. The real stars of the movie, though, are the three 1967 Austin Minis that feature in the climax. Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) leads a team of British career criminals in a plot to steal 4 million dollars of gold from the Chinese, who want to complete a transaction with the Fiat car company in Turin, that would be used to build a car factory in China. The Italian Mafia catch wind of this plot and are none too pleased to have a bunch of English committing such a heist on their territory. Croker is successful in his goal, having escaped the police and the mafia, only to be stopped by the Swiss Alps in what is a literal cliffhanger ending.

30 members attended the event, and all had a great time. Thank you to Star Cinema Grill and manager Tony Dobrez for your hospitality.

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