2023 Northstar Motorsports Safety Meeting

Mar 15, 2023

We had our annual safety meeting at Northstar Motorsports on Saturday March 11 and the sandwiches and drinks were plentiful!

John as always had a great talk and this year he highlighted a new brake fluid that all the major motorsports use (F1, WRC, Dakar) – Endless RF-650. Used by Porsche at the factory, we all can take advantage of this fluid either on track days or sitting in traffic on the roads. It works great in either circumstance and meets the performance of Castrol SRF but sold in half litres for less waste! The other highlights (other than usual items on brakes and helmet tech and safety) were the performance gains with a cooling shirt while racing. Though it may sound obvious staying cool yields a mind and body that can perform better over the same hours as non-cooled body, costs can normally put this into the “do I really need this for what I do?” category. If you are only autocrossing, then yes, you don’t need to go and get a full cooling system but for HDPE and other long track days in summer…? If you are going to do a few of them a year it is worth the extra cost. You stay refreshed and alert through the whole day and are still able to get to your final destination without any mental lapse due to excess fatigue from overheating. I can recommend the team at Northstar will help get the right equipment for you.

Once again, we want to thank John and Jeannie Ruther’s dedication to the racing world and giving us a home here locally to try on equipment and be able to ask the questions with knowledgeable answers back without waiting for a reddit/forum post back or the need to return and buy more gear to get it right.

We hope that everyone is going to be ready for this summer of racing and driving and thank you again to everyone who attended!

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