2023 Picnic at Volo Car Museum

Jul 8, 2023

It was good to have the Picnic back.  This year we were are the Volo Car Museum and the Party Barn was the place for lunch.  We had passes for the Car museum and options to buy the Jurassic Gardens and the Titanic exhibit tickets.  When we got there, there were signs that pointed us to the Party Barn and Jasmine, the Party Barn Coodinator, was there and ready for us.  It is always nice when you know your plans are all there, thank Jasmine.

The car museum is much more than cars.  You will see that from the pictures.  Plenty of stuff for adults and kids.  Fun stuff and you can buy cars too.  Antique stores filled with “one guys junk and is another mans treasures”.  You could easily be there for hours and hours.  AND it was a beautiful afternoon!  What a fun day!

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