The Roar and the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona
This was an exciting year at Daytona. Not only were the crowds the largest they have ever had for the 24 but there were new beautiful cars. The new GTP cars were Acura, BMW, Cadillac & Porsche and they were really state of the art. They use both gas and electric. There is a issue with the electric part and keeping yourself from getting shocked but they have a system. There were 61 cars in the 61th running of the IMSA Weather Tech Sports Car Series for the 24 Hour race which is a big field of cars.

There were 100 people from Europe for BMW. Lots of very important people were there. Fun to meet the names you hear about. Unfortunately BMW did not do well but they did learn a lot. All these cars are new and lots of learning was going on. All of the GTP cars are beautiful. The cars have a light system that tells you whether it is okay to touch them. Something new for the corner workers, mechanics and drivers to deal with.

The week before the Rolex 24 is the Roar. It is mostly practice and a couple of races with the support race groups. There were LOTS of BMW’s in those races.

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