2024 At the Movies Ferrari

Jan 6, 2024

We were “At the Movies” for  Ferrari” on Saturday January 6.

The Star Cinema is a great place to see a movie.

Our first event of 2024 was a gathering at Star Cinema Grill on January 6th in South Barrington. Close to 40 members were in attendance, making this one of our most popular movie nights so far! On the silver screen for the night was director Michael Mann’s newest release, Ferrari. Ferrari is the final film (released posthumously) that Troy Kennedy Martin wrote since his death back in 2009. His name should sound familiar, since he penned the last film we saw as a group, last month, The Italian Job (1969). The guy sure knew how to write car films! Starring in the film is Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley.

Ferrari tells the story about the Italian auto company founder Enzo Ferrari’s life in the year 1957. We start the film off with a quick look at Enzo’s Grand Prix racing days, before jumping to 1957 with a look at the development of his latest Formula 1 car against his rival, Maserati. As the film goes on, we learn of his son Dino, who died the previous year in 1956, as well as his wife and business partner Laura. Little did Laura know that Enzo had another son, Piero, with a woman he met, and was still seeing, during WWII. A tale of secrets, money, and speed unfolds over about 2 hours before culminating in the tragic wreck that ended the 1957 (and ultimately final) Mille Miglia race.
It was a good movie, and I am glad that everyone enjoyed the first outing of the year. Thank you to Star Cinema Grill manager Tony Dobrez and the waitstaff for their help with this fun Windy City BMW event.


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