2024 Bimmers & Beans at Calibre

May 4, 2024

WOW 137 Bimmers parked at 9:10 and lots more came.

Our Bimmers & Beans & Burgers season is well underway, and May 4th brought us beautiful weather to gather for a caffeinated beverage at Calibre Coffee in South Barrington. As the invasion proceeded, I lost count at 137 bimmers; what a turnout! One thing I tweaked for our Bimmers & Beans & Burgers is that although everyone with a BMW is welcome, moving forward, BMW CCA members will get priority parking. For this event, it took about 40 traffic cones and a half hour to fill the reserved spots. This method worked out pretty well and gives yet another benefit to being a member. These events are blowing up due to Instagram and Facebook coverage, and we want to make sure our members are priority numero uno!

Thank you to Blaine Bontempo, owner of Calibre Coffee, Josh Tupas, and Stacy Kallas of The Arboretum of South Barrington for having us again. See you in July for another!

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