2024 Euroquipe Meeting

Apr 30, 2024

On April 28th Windy City BMW headed out to Saint Charles to visit our wonderful HPDE and VinFest sponsor, Euroquipe. Owner Adam Kosela welcomed about 22 members to his shop for some lunch as well as a Tech Session. We haven’t been having too many Tech Talks lately, but we’re trying to start them up again with the 2 last year and now Euroquipe.

At 11am members were free to roam the spotless shop of Euroquipe, which was filled with classic BMWs, Porsches, as well as their various other projects. Food was provided by the club, catered by Colonial Café, a literal 2 minute drive north of Euroquipe. We had some delicious chicken tenders, mini pulled pork sandwiches, mini cheeseburgers, onion straws, coleslaw, and drinks galore! Adam laid out a few Euroquipe branded goodies for members to take home as well. After about an hour or so members were guided outside for the tech session to begin.

Dry-ice blasting is a relatively newer method of cleaning whatever you need to shine! What a difference it makes! You may know carbon dioxide typically as the toxic gas that comes out of your tailpipe, but dry ice can be better described as the solid form of that same carbon dioxide. When you get your box of steaks from Omaha, it’s what keeps that meat stable during the shipping process. But did you know if you make the chunks into the size of a grain of rice and shoot it out of a pressurized air gun it can make your car parts sparkle without damaging anything, even rubber! This is one of many services that Euroquipe offers, so if you need your Bimmer, euro car or Subaru serviced or restored, give Adam a call and he can hook you up! Euroquipe offers a 15% discount to BMW CCA members, just mention you are a member.

Thank you so much to Adam Kosela and his Euroquipe crew for having us. I appreciate them spending their Sunday with Windy City BMW!


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