2024 Northstar Motorsports Open House and Safety Meeting

Mar 25, 2024

It was the annual safety meeting at Northstar Motorsports, and wearing green here was optional!
John and Jeannie had made some small changes to the place and added a boutique upstairs this year. Everything is geared (intended) towards motorsport! All the F1, and sports car manufactures gear on hand from hats to jackets. They also have a special curated handbag selection with motorsport icons (like the champagne bottles) to custom car logos imprinted and custom made to what you would like to carry around. With clothing and accessories covered, they didn’t forget the drinks, special wines by Adobe road fit into the theme with bottles and sets aptly named and with toppers that stay true to the things we love the most… motorsport.

On to the other reason why we came… as we have been doing, we have kept this open for anyone to ask questions so they can learn and make the smart decisions for them when picking and purchasing the right equipment for them.
This year the questions swayed toward racing suits, and how making sure that you picked the correct one is always critical. Not just meeting the FIA standards as in the past they have been very thin, and based on John’s deep knowledge of racing, he would not be thrilled in driving in paper thin suit if the worst to happen. He said that he was very happy the FIA changed the material thickness and other fabric requirements at the last minute after the Roman crash to make the suits safer for every racer on the planet. It is always best to try before buying as the suit needs to fit perfectly. There should not be too much slack to get caught when exiting the vehicle in an emergency, and obviously not too tight (we are not going to a night club) so you can fit your nomex undergarments and cooling jackets.

One great piece that some of the manufactures have introduced this year, that is on almost all the fire-retardant clothing is recycled nomex. The fact there are certain pieces that can be recycled into new suits and meet the FIA standards is great to see, as we take small steps to making our sport of choice a little more sustainable.Thank you again John and Jeannie for everything, and as always we love having both of you as partners for our club. Can’t wait to see everyone next year for the next safety meeting!

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