2024 The Vintage

May 26, 2024

The Vintage show was held in Hot Springs, North Carolina on May 18. They capped the event at 450 cars this year. Each car owner thought their car was the best car there and they should. The whole field was filled with the most passionate car owners ever. What at GREAT gathering, low key, very friendly and love for their cars was all over the place. There were vendors who have supported this event forever. It was wonderful to see people having such a great time.

The Vintage starts on Thursday by gathering in the hotel parking lots for fellowship. Friday is the event at the BMW CCA Foundation, which this year is MINI’s on the Max. Then back up to their hotel for more fellowship. Saturday is the big car show in Hot Springs, which the weather kept threatening but never followed through on it and that was lucky. Then more visiting and people left on Sunday and Monday for their return to their normal lives. What a fun getaway for a long weekend.

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