Chapter Bylaws

Disciplinary Procedures

At present Windy City BMW, Incorporated Bylaws at Article 4, Section 4 authorizes the revocation of Club membership as follows:
“Any active member or associate member may have his or her Club membership revoked by a majority vote of the Board for actions determined by the Board not to be in the best interests of the Club.”
In order to provide further definition and disciplinary alternatives, the Board has adopted the following procedures.
Only an active member of the Board may submit a request to the Board for disciplinary consideration by the Board. Event chairpersons who are not Board members shall contact Board members with disciplinary requests.
Upon receipt of a request for consideration of disciplinary action, the Secretary shall provide formal notice to the subject member or associate at least ten days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board. Such notice may be by either certified mail or overnight courier service. That member or associate shall have an opportunity either in writing or in person to address the Board concerning the disciplinary matter at that next scheduled Board meeting.

At its next scheduled Board meeting, the members of the Board may, by simple majority vote, select one of the following disciplinary alternatives:

  • Issue a cautionary letter to the member, but not enforce any penalty. This cautionary letter may be issued to a member or associate only one time within any twelve-month period.
  • Issue a probationary letter to the member or associate. Probation shall prohibit the offending member from registering or otherwise participating in any Chapter event which requires advance registration including, but not limited to driver schools, autocross, annual dinner, tours, picnics and special events. The effective date shall be the date of the disciplinary vote of the Board.
  • Chapter membership revocation.

Board action on disciplinary matters shall be included in Board meeting minutes.
Examples of member or associate behavior subject to disciplinary review include, but are not limited to, the following activities:
Failure to follow event registration and safety procedures including the execution of required waivers, unauthorized representation of the Chapter with area BMW dealerships and businesses which sponsor or support Board sanctioned Chapter activities.
Members and associates shall be responsible for the actions of their guests.

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