Autocross school is a progression of Car Control Clinic, which focuses on learning the basics of autocross rules and techniques. A short class room session will teach you about the rules and terminology of autocross along with the car control physics related to weight transfer, tire adhesion, seat position, and racing lines.

Afterwards, you will meet your Instructor, who will walk around the course with you and coach you from the passenger seat while you drive your own car through the course. They will explain racing lines and how to navigate the “sea of cones”.

Your Instructor will give you feedback regarding your driving technique and help you become smoother and faster with your autocross laps (and avoid hitting cones). This is an event geared towards learning, so your laps will not be timed. Instead, you will focus on smooth driving and avoiding cones, which are the primary requirements for a fast autocross lap.

Those interested in the concept of Autocross, but not quite ready to sign up for the School can ride along with instructors for a “Taste of Autocross”. After Autocross School, you will be prepared for a full,competitive Autocross event with the Windy City BMW Club!

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