Road Rallye

Windy City BMW is working with the Chicago Region of PCA to bring members the opportunity to complete in Road Rallyes.

A Road rallye is not a race, rather it is a contest in which a team consisting of a driver and a navigator combine driving, observational, mathematical, and communicative skills (as well as patience) in the negotiation of a prescribed road course at prescribed speeds. The main objective is to stay on course following a set of route instructions that each team receives before the start of the rallye. The route instructions define what route to follow and what average speeds to maintain. Rallye scores are determined by timing the arrival of each rallye car at points along the rallye route and comparing the times against the official rallye time. These timing points are called checkpoints and their locations are not known in advance. It’s kind of like going to Grandma’s House only you don’t know where it is and you don’t know how to get there but you have to arrive precisely on time.

The rallye teams should be alerted to “trap situations” which may be encountered along the route. Traps are used by the rallyemaster to entice the rallye teams to deviate from the true rallye route or to proceed at a speed that varies from the official average speed. All of the planned traps will loop back onto the rallye route, or off course markers will bring you back to the rallye route, and bring rallye cars into the checkpoints.

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