These two forms are mandatory and must be printed, completed and presented at the Track when you arrive.

These other documents may also help you prepare for the event

• Read or review the High-Performance Drivers Manual – lots of good info in there
• We recommend you wear cotton, rather than synthetic clothing
• Shoes with flat, non-slip soles and closed toes (sneakers), no sandals, no high heels, no lugged soles
• A helmet with a Snell 2010 or newer rating is required.  Bring your own, rent one from Autobahn Country Club or borrow one from us. Plan on this so you are sure to be covered.
• We run in whatever the weather, so appropriately accessorize.
• Bring liquids to drink
• Aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen–you can get a headache and you can’t take anything else at the track
• Pets must be leashed if you must bring them
• Get some sleep – it is going to be a long day


• Unload car–empty trunk, interior of car, no loose items, take out floor mats. Check for objects under seats
• Check fluid levels, no leaks, belts tight, wires snug. lug bolts torqued, sunroof closed and latched, glass headlights/fog lights taped, brake lights work, hood closed & latched, floor
• Torque lug nuts–use a torque wrench to specs, especially with alloy wheels–do this to cold lugs only
• Tire pressures–check cold tire pressures–32-40 pounds
• Clean windshield
• Tape glass headlights and fog lights, unless already covered in Lexan
• Be on time to the Mandatory Drivers Safety Meeting

Bear in mind that you have to drive this car home at the end of the day.

Paddock Area:

• Follow the day’s schedule to get all your track time, workshop sessions, rest time and lunch.

• Check fluid levels, no leaks, belts tight, wires snug. lug bolts torqued, sunroof closed and latched, glass headlights/fog lights taped, brake lights work, hood closed & latched, floor mats out, glove box empty, I-Pass and garage door opener out, (GoPro secured in place and checked by Windy City Event Staff).


Pit Area:

• Proper seating position-as vertical as possible, thigh supported, knee slightly bent when clutch is pushed to the floor, back against seat and elbows slightly bent with hand at 3 and 9 o’clock, drivers and passenger windows down, helmet on snugly and buckled, seat belts on very snugly, doors unlocked.


Entering the Track:

• Wait for starter’s signal to move, stay within the painted blend line upon entering the track, check mirrors before moving onto the race line.

• Signal to allow passes, ease off gas if necessary to allow passing, don’t pass unless signaled, passing zones are marked with special pylons.

• Be aware of flagging stations and observe their signals, acknowledge checkered flag at the end of session.


Exiting the Track:

• After the checkered flag is thrown, no passing is allowed, reduce speed and cool down both the car and driver, this does not mean brake.

• Signal your intention to leave the track, slow down to less than 15 MPH through the pits, less than 5 miles per hour in the paddock, do not set your parking brake when you return to the paddock.

We don’t want to over complicate what should be a relaxed and fun atmosphere, but we do need some safety guidelines for each event. Here are the basic rules we adhere to for our track days. Any questionable issues will be left to the prudent judgment of Windy City BMW and/or the track stewards.

HELMET: Must be Snell or SFI 2015 or newer . HELMETS need to be checked. Bring your helmet to the track registration to get the helmet inspected. It is recommended that you have a full face helmet, however some open faced loaner helmets may be available on loan.

You can find the helmet rating by looking under the inside padding of your helmet. Please don’t show up with an older SA helmet or M helmet expecting to drive. You will not be allowed on track without meeting the helmet requirements. If you need an SA2015 / M2015 helmet, one local source is: Northstar Motorsports in Barrington at Chapter loaner helmets are available for those folks new to the sport – no cost. (SFI 31.1 and FIA 8860 helmets may also be acceptable. Contact us if your helmet has one of these ratings.)

Driver’s Meeting
All drivers must attend the driver’s meeting before each track day. . This important meeting sets the tone for the day.

Clothing Requirements While Driving.

A long sleeve shirt and long pants are required while driving on the track. Running/tennis shoes are recommended. Don’t wear a shoe with a heavy clogged sole or a significant heel. No sandals. Helmets are required, except during the lunchtime track touring.


Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a full operator’s license that is not suspended or revoked.

Passing Rules.

There is no passing in the turns. You can only pass another moving car on the track with a point-by from the leading car.


Convertibles must have a hard roof in place, fixed SCCA-style roll cage/roll bar and 5 or 6-point harnesses for both driver and instructor. Open-wheel or single seat cars are not allowed.

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