Whether you own a BMW or some other type of car, you are welcome to drive with us.  About 30% of our participants bring non-BMWs.  We do have restrictions on convertibles, truck and some SUVs and open wheel vehicles.  Contact us if you have questions regarding your vehicle.  Also, for your convenience, two drivers can share one car during the event.  This option is covered on our registration site.
When registering in your specific run group, include information on previous attendance at track events.  Note that the Experienced Run Group (A-Solo) is filled by invitation only.  This group has fewer passing restrictions, so for safety reasons, we must vet those participants carefully.
From the registration web site (See links in the Calendar!) you will be able to download the Driver Packet of materials.  This will include:

• Tech Inspection sheet

• a SAMPLE copy of the Waiver of Liability form

• a SAMPLE copy of the Minor Waiver of Liability form

• the High-Performance Drivers Manual

• various other sheets with tips and techniques for attending the HPDE.

Prior to the event your car must receive a technical inspection to evaluate its general mechanical condition.  The tech inspection is to be completed by a qualified individual and is required to drive on the track.
At track side, you will need to sign a copy of the Waiver of Liability form.  If you bring along a minor as a spectator, the completed Minor Waiver form will need to be presented.  Note, one parent must accompany the minor at the track.
The rest of the information is provided to help you prepare for your exciting on-track experience.

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